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iDesign 2.0 by TrioClear™

The iDesign 2.0 by TrioClear™ is a state-of-the-art tool for dentists offering aligner therapy. This newest update introduces face-driven aligner treatments with simulations based on facial scans, enhanced visualization of root and bone structures, and precision in jaw alignment. It features a Movement Difficulty Indicator to aid in planning and adjusting tooth movements, as well as a comprehensive overview table for tracking overjet and overbite. The tool allows for interactive and simultaneous multi-angle views of treatment simulations, improving patient engagement and treatment precision.

Meet the TrioClear™ App

The TrioClear™ App is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the management of orthodontic practices. It allows dentists to effortlessly track patient cases, share treatment plans, and capture high-quality photos directly within the app. This streamlines communication and coordination among orthodontic teams, ensures consistency in documentation, and facilitates proactive patient care monitoring. Ideal for modern dental practices, the TrioClear™ App is the key to optimizing efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

Unique To TrioClear™ – CombiRetainer

Introducing our innovative solution, the CombiRetainer, combining the functionality of a nightguard with that of a CC-retainer.


  • Single Scan: Streamline the process with just one scanning session for both functionalities.
  • Dual Retention: Enjoy the benefits of both a nightguard and a CC-retainer simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive retention.
  • Easy Placement: The removable retainer serves as a placement aid, simplifying the placing process.

Experience convenience and effectiveness like never before with TrioClear™’s CombiRetainer. The CombiRetainer can be ordered on the TrioClear™ platform.